Our story


Namaqua Siver Sands  Hiking started 9 years ago in 2008. It all began with the love and passion for nature, and from there it involved into what it is today. There are so many stories that was shared over the years around the campfire, some really good ones and others that we do not want to relive. But through it all we grew with the hiking trail, step by step. We as the developers of this family businesse are proud to call Silver Sands our success story. We have done a lot to create something that all of our hikers can enjoy. Each day is a new reminder of the hard work that went into developing Namaqua Silver Sands, and now in 2017, we are so proud to put our next trail on the map, The Curlew Trail.

There are no doubts that the The Curlew Trail will also be the fruit of hard work and just as successful as our Silver Sands Trail.

Hard work, dedication, team work and a friendly service are the four foundation blocks of this company’s pride.



We hike because we love discovering places that make’s you realize how incredible life is. Every hike is a new journey to undiscovered places, we do this not to escape life but for life not to escape us. The journey and hiking adventure starts by you taking the first steps. Let’s pack our bags and get some dirt on our boots